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Do you have an occasion?! 

I'd love to wish you or a loved one a HUGE happy birthday or congratulations in this 1 minute personal video! 


  • Please let me know what you would like me to say in the custom text bow below.

Tell me wether you would like me clothed or in lingerie, the name of the person i am sending wishes to and give me a little bit of a background about that person, as well as what occasion it is :) 


  • No vulgar, offensive or adult requests.


  • I do my best to shoot exactly or very close to what you have requested. Please bare in mind that i may not have the exact style you would like, so clothing/lingerie will sometimes differ slightly.The best thing to do is not be too specific with your ideas, like this for example;  'Please can you wear a pink bra with lace detail to the front and silk straps'..... you are better to simply ask 'Please can you wear a pink bra'. It's always great if you can bullet point, this makes it very easy for me to carry out your requests. 


Thank you! 

Special occasion video

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